Loan Applications

Applicants are to submit applications with Merkur Development Loans Ltd. in English.  The application should as a minimum contain the following information:

  • A brief description of the persons responsible for the company (i.e. resumes), the company's history, activities, products, key clients, suppliers, market placement, etc.
  • A brief financial statement.
  • A brief statement describing what the loan is to be used for, including the amount, currency, purpose and preferred loan period. Also included, should be a statement outlining the impact on business operations if investments are carried out as planned.
  • Annual reports (income statements, balance sheets) going back at least two years. In addition, interim financial statements and trial balances for the present year.
  • Budget for the present year and the coming twelve months.
  • Documented certification of status as an organic, biodynamic, fair trade or FSC-approved business, or a statement outlining ongoing efforts to achieve such status.
  • Documentation of the company's registration with the appropriate local and national authorities.
  • Collateral in the form of potential security or guarantees.
  • Filled-in application form (contact details, bank connections, key persons, etc.)
    Download Application Form

The procedural language is English.  However, to a lesser degree, Merkur Development Loans Ltd. is capable of receiving documents and financial accounts, reading home pages and pamphlets etc. in Spanish and French.


  • As a general rule, repayment of the loan is done through payments taking place at a minimum frequency of quarterly instalments.
  • Quarterly reports are to be submitted to Merkur Development Loans Ltd. about the status of the company's operations and balance sheets are to be forwarded.
  • Adjusted annual accounts are to be submitted no later than six months following the completion of the financial year.

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